K-3 Visa Frequently Asked Questions

Marriage in Thailand by non-Thai couples or Thai National and foreigner couple is easy to arrange and can be quickly accomplished. The legal marriage registration can be done at any district office in Thailand on any working day between 8am and 3pm. To marry you need passports and proof that you are single. If you have previously been married which ended in divorce or death you need the original certificates. If never been married you need to show the Ministry of Foreign Affairs a statutory statement of non-attachment notarized by your embassy in Bangkok. Your Embassy may require proof of evidence to this fact.

A statutory statement required by the Thai authorities will cost 1,000 Thai Baht each (US$25). Your embassy will normally charge a fee for notarizing it and the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes a nominal charge for registering it and issuing a certificate to enable you to legally marry anywhere in Thailand. A further fee will be required to have the document officially translated into Thai.

Special attention should be made about pre marriage planning. Assets of the foreigner should be protected. A prenuptial agreement prepared by a licensed lawyer is highly recommended. Prenuptial Agreements should be prepared in both the Thai and English languages. If, for example, the foreigner is a US Citizen with assets in USA and Thailand, the prenuptial agreement should be prepared in such a manner that it is recognized and legally binding in both USA and Thailand. Prenuptial Agreements are less likely to be contested when prepared and signed well in advance of the marriage date.

Our Marriage Legal Services Package offers you the following service for 25,000 THB:

  1. Collecting and notarization of Embassy documents (Affirmation or Affidavit of Freedom to Marry).
  2. Translation of Affirmation or Affidavit documents in Thai language.
  3. Submitting documents to Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  4. Register the Marriage at the District Office (Amphur)

We can also assist you in preparing your prenuptial agreement in both English and Thai languages as well as applying for a marriage visa for your long term stay in Thailand.

If you marry a Thai National you have many new options for his/her visa for travel outside of Thailand. For the U.S. citizen, you can apply for a K3 marriage visa. For the UK citizen, you can apply for Spouses visa. Our visa specialists can assist you in applying for the most appropriate visa.

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